Thursday, November 1, 2012

Did you Hear?
I heard a little whisper tonight
of two little sparrows that thought
they went unheard..

When ma was born, did you think
she decided upon being a sparrow?
one asked with a little quirk..

The other answered 
Why, I don't think she had a choice
for if she did why would she want to be
something small when
she could have chosen to be
a lioness or even a blue whale,
sailing seas or being a breathtaking beauty
running with grace
and keeping everyone enthralled
with its speed and entity?

Yes, your wisdom is bright
said the other,
You've shown me alright
that we are given a life
without choice
but often given options of course
to learn from the past
that mistakes are meant to be small
for the bigger ones will begrudge you with a fall
that may not be repaired at all..


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