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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

The countdown...

Did you know that the celebrations have started, asked Dad..
So I am taking you into a journey of sorts
Get on your sleigh, Santa Claus
And let the reindeers get your routes to the children that need to be fed.

Fed? Dad!??
Yes, fed my child with presents stocked year long for them
Were you good or bad or was there a time you lied
Did you take a bite of the apple doomed to change your life
Or did you hear a voice beckoning goodness in you.

Count the days to Christmas
Starts at 15 November do..
Make a calendar of sorts on a Christmas tree made out of wood will do..
Each day will mark with a chocolate for you
At the end of the season, Christmas bids you adieu..

Oh Dad, I don't want Christmas to bid me adieu :(

Well, its a long way off child, let us celebrate and dine
At the Feast of the Nativity 
Say of good cheer be mine 

Did you take a bite of that chocolate
And mark the calendar too
That the 25th of December
Is on its way to you...


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