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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Was it 2000 years ago Dad?

The Adoration of the Magi by Giotto

Was is it 2000 years ago dad, when Jesus was born?, she asked loving her moments of story with him..

A newborn babe was born to a Virgin
and it brought upon a new sensation.
A blessed woman beheld God's creation
in her blessed arms and called his birth Christmas..

Why Christmas Dad?, Why not a Birthday Special..?

It is the birth of someone special my child
Who would lead this world to peace and joy
And live a life dedicated to our Lord
and speak His word and sing His songs..

And so, the Virgin Mother who was blessed by God
called him Christ the King and had a celebration ring
out in joyous chorus and they named it Christmas
Christ + a mass of celebration..

For He is not of this world, though he fought a human fight
He stood apart from us
And led us out of dark..
And yes the Lord's spoke through Jesus
2000 years ago, when the star of the cross led three wise men
to his stable
And today we shout with joy for unto us
A King is Born..

My special moments with dad not over yet and I will reap
His profits when I meet him someday where heaven resides,
where harps and larks and angels choir rings loud above
a sky so high..


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