Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What are Angels Dad?

What are angels Dad? She once asked standing by the Christmas tree...

Angels, with wings that fly are so real
They lift up your sadness for sure
And bring in those chocolates you love so dear

They watch over you and bring sunshine through the rain
and skip with you when you see a plane..

Well, angels are real, they stay high above those clouds you see
And take over those stormy clouds where rainbows cross the seas
And take you to those places where silver is strewn with blue
and make those ribbons look a dazzling color
that packs a gift each year for little girls like you
They walk ahead sometimes when Jesus trips a little too..
Laughing, catching, playing
all those tunes and teasing sometimes saying Jesus I caught your
fall with my wings..I did too ..

Angels they watch over you when sleep doth come over you
and empower you with the colors of the dew
when morning wages
another day making it a beautiful day for you..

That's an angel Dad says, and now she is helping you with
the Christmas tree .. go on choose the silver angel to be
hung against the star and make it a silver one for angels are so pure..



  1. Lovely, Stanis! I believe Archangels Michael and Raphael always help! Hope you're doing well.

  2. Hello Nita, so good to have you comment. I am doing well and hope the same for Ashish and yourself. Thanks so much for stopping by my friend and am missing your presence in blogit.


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