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Monday, December 31, 2012

Ushering New Years

Christmas isn't Christmas
If we lose among us one or two..
Waking in a dream world
and being among you..
So Christmas, say its Christmas
when we take a cup or two
and break it or even make it
with the manna
from above..

And Christmas brings in New Years
with wishes of abundance too
And Christmas in a New Year
will combine a heart or two..


The Tap Dancer

Tap_dance : The man in a hat dances tap-dancingTap_dance : Leather tap shoes with a top hat with white gloves for a formal performance Stock Photo

I tip toe, tap dance with a whirl
My shoes go tap, tap to each step..I take
I bend and stretch and twirl with my wand
and take my place centre stage...

They call me a dancer and by that I mean
I am known by all as a tap dancer
My feet well endowed with a shoe - clickety clack
and my head uplifted with a hat that raises stares
and I keep my steps just like those on stiletoes
and I go clickety clack, back and right three steps
then I take one to the left and jump forward in a breeze..

My clothes in a tux ..well I do say I look plush
and the stick that I wave hits the floor with each drop
I must say that my heart beat makes
a rackety-rack, racket and I feel all young
as I stomp on my feet and make great music
and Yay a tap dancer - that's me...


Friday, December 28, 2012

With a Glass of Wine I did Dine

A bottle of white wine and a wine glass with maritime decoration

I rose early this morning
to a glass of white wine I did dine
and accompanied by a companion of breeding
I sat all entranced by his words...

A sip of a glass of white wine
and I laugh at the bubbles of mirth
I see a liquid that glistens
and my taste buds are on fire..

A finger sandwich I eat
And wash it down with its heat
And talk of the language of lovers
that just the night before did wed..

I remember those moments that
entwined with wine we shared love
and sent a kiss of sweet morrow
to my companion of now and tomorrow...


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Alleluia, The Lord is Born

 The magical time of year has arrived
and I stepped into its limelight..
Walking and traipsing and singing along
the carols I so love..

Imagining trees all lighted with love
instead of bulbs and little trinkets
and imagining the star of the night
lit up with luminous smiles..

I walked alight all happy and free
and counted all my blessings
I lay them all before of me
and wished for another present..

I want to be an angel someday
all bright and white and nice
and fly across the world of today
watching over one and all..

I see that you are wishing somehow
for gifts that gives you pleasure
I somehow think that happiness
lies in an angelic demeanor..

O magical stars of the night
I wish on all abright
and lift my voice with chorus of choirs
singing Alleluia, the Lord is born.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Heaven's Throne

Shaded by flowers and wisps of chilled air
she slips away and walks ahead
her tiny steps taking a leisurely stroll where
the gardens of silent beauties
makes a home there...

Walking on heaven's throne
Have you ever wondered of it
If you just left all your cares alone
Wouldn't that be a place for it?

She without her worldly cares
walks on lilies and brushes of 
soft leaves
She never does stumble or 
trip on her toes
for the way is all paved there

Heaven's throne
a walkby that many miss and trail behind
and wonder if its ever there..


Friday, December 21, 2012

Diamonds are Forever

To Have & To Hold

With winter coming sooner than you think
Wedding bells ring in the season's celebration
I had a chance to pick a card for him
A card that  said"Diamonds are forever"
and I meant it for him.

Cloaked in ribbons and  sparkling diamond stones
the words engraved inside held quite a score
between us..
For to part would be hell
and to be together till death
and live with each other
with promises made to one another..forever
So we marry
and tie a knot
bound to each other
blessed by the Gods above
and  witnessed
by our loved ones here on earth.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Threaded Together

Morning Light

Threaded together - the light of the morning with a blurred vision of tree barks
and they complement each other,
Why does the sun behave like its hiding in between those lights of dawn?
Trickling in between they stare face to face with trees that glare
amidst the moonlight of the morn,
Arranging each others stance to stand and furnish the place
where trees gather to become forests of treasure...

Have you ever walked the forest?
The forest of  treasure I believe
And seen the flora and fauna
and captured its beams...
Through lenses of tiny stature,
You zoom in and take a picture
and you wonder why...life is so real...
and yet so surreal.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Oasis of Love

An Oasis of Love

 It had the color bronze
that added an extra shine
from the sky that gave us what you 
know as a sun shining light..

I know I would leave footsteps in Gold
Walking in the desert of bronze
and maybe look ahead
where lies the oasis of love

Sister don't you cry
for the brother that you've lost
says those structures that rumble
against the great wind that blows
hot n cold..
Somedays I see them in numbers
and somedays they stand alone..

An oasis of Love
mingled with bright blue skies high above
A mirage as 
you feel the heat burn your eyes
and look out for the water of the skies

and yes I walk on
the desert of Bronze...


Monday, December 17, 2012


I took a little, a little breath of fresh air
I struggled for the words that were stopped by those misty air
Dew filled fragrance, have you had a wisp of those
and oft times it chokes..hmmm...

I had three bright stars that shone on me
On a night made for lovers
and picked the one that shone the most
that tricked me with the promise
of love.. once upon a time...hmmm..

Where do the doves fly
when their messages are delivered
Do they fly home to you
or do they bring back some distant wishes
for you...or steal sunshine that would
probably shine on you...hmm..

Christmas breaths, baby breaths
washed in colors blinding and blue
White of doves, Shines of stars
Breaking breaths and
making it want you..


Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Spirit of Christmas

 I remember a time when Christmas
brought a bundle of cards to my home..
Well I wonder if I could have
those times back now instead of the emails and i-notes
I now receive..
Do do you remember the time
when Christmas did hide
all of your sadness that covered your smile?
And let your heart sing songs of praise
and joy and goodwill and cheer 
that it brings..

I love how the clouds just brighten
when I look out the window
on Christmas Day.
I love the smell of the promise
of goodies and the baked in the atmosphere.

I love how I get all dressed up, wearing colors that 
that show my glee
and touch my face with the blends 
and traces of make-up to match
the colors I wear.
I dance a swirl and tip-toe towards
a wonderful time
it should bring
and wish that Christmas time
gives a thrill to each 
and everyone that I meet 

I remember a time when in Christmas
I grew from a child
into motherhood embracing
the gift of the joy it shares..


Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Tinseltown I Planned

I had my tinseltown planned somewhere in between a home and a front
I laid out all my little thoughts colored just like the tinsel I begot
They were silver and threads..I mean threaded without dread
and made a sparkling shine to the green I dressed
and I laid the manger out with the three kings in tow
and missed the little star and put a heart of gold instead
could it me, or could it be the Virgin's plan I know not somehow
to hide my silver star and lay that heart of gold....hmmmm

It bothered me none too much as I whispered little red breaks
under my breath and colored those little spaces I left with red streaks
to remember my tinseltown right in the heart of my home...- December 2012


Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Audience with the Master of Poets

A Master of Poet 
I disguise myself
With pangs of inspiration
and tongues that differ..

A jumble ensemble of man's tiresome mutter
I stand to create a jargon of great displeasure..
A tiresome blunder I must add
For I forsake the plain
and address the abstract
and turn up with volumes
of spoken repertoire..

I create a master plan that need no introduction
As I sit by the valleys in great derision
For I am asked by the plunderer
to seek an audience
with the Master of Poets
and I do not have his number
mayhaps he will address me at
another opportune 
for My Master and Me
will dine this December.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Will to Survive

The will to survive or lay still

Do you want me to summarize the
text of my chatter I had
with the Master of Poets
last night..

He breathed his words
upon my breath so clear
and sent a blanket of wind
without chills
and covered me
with a blanket of will..

The will to survive this ordeal
dear sir..

Rising against a storm that lashes
out tongues of evil descent
I ran in this maze and skipped
so crazed and angry
that My Lord struck my will
to lay still and reach
the stars of the heavens 
high above where he lives.
O Lord, my torturers gain still..

I caught his song against his wind
and sang with the chills
and his warmth beckoned me
with strength and his will..


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