Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Alleluia, The Lord is Born

 The magical time of year has arrived
and I stepped into its limelight..
Walking and traipsing and singing along
the carols I so love..

Imagining trees all lighted with love
instead of bulbs and little trinkets
and imagining the star of the night
lit up with luminous smiles..

I walked alight all happy and free
and counted all my blessings
I lay them all before of me
and wished for another present..

I want to be an angel someday
all bright and white and nice
and fly across the world of today
watching over one and all..

I see that you are wishing somehow
for gifts that gives you pleasure
I somehow think that happiness
lies in an angelic demeanor..

O magical stars of the night
I wish on all abright
and lift my voice with chorus of choirs
singing Alleluia, the Lord is born.


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