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Monday, December 17, 2012


I took a little, a little breath of fresh air
I struggled for the words that were stopped by those misty air
Dew filled fragrance, have you had a wisp of those
and oft times it chokes..hmmm...

I had three bright stars that shone on me
On a night made for lovers
and picked the one that shone the most
that tricked me with the promise
of love.. once upon a time...hmmm..

Where do the doves fly
when their messages are delivered
Do they fly home to you
or do they bring back some distant wishes
for you...or steal sunshine that would
probably shine on you...hmm..

Christmas breaths, baby breaths
washed in colors blinding and blue
White of doves, Shines of stars
Breaking breaths and
making it want you..


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