Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Spirit of Christmas

 I remember a time when Christmas
brought a bundle of cards to my home..
Well I wonder if I could have
those times back now instead of the emails and i-notes
I now receive..
Do do you remember the time
when Christmas did hide
all of your sadness that covered your smile?
And let your heart sing songs of praise
and joy and goodwill and cheer 
that it brings..

I love how the clouds just brighten
when I look out the window
on Christmas Day.
I love the smell of the promise
of goodies and the baked in the atmosphere.

I love how I get all dressed up, wearing colors that 
that show my glee
and touch my face with the blends 
and traces of make-up to match
the colors I wear.
I dance a swirl and tip-toe towards
a wonderful time
it should bring
and wish that Christmas time
gives a thrill to each 
and everyone that I meet 

I remember a time when in Christmas
I grew from a child
into motherhood embracing
the gift of the joy it shares..


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