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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Tap Dancer

Tap_dance : The man in a hat dances tap-dancingTap_dance : Leather tap shoes with a top hat with white gloves for a formal performance Stock Photo

I tip toe, tap dance with a whirl
My shoes go tap, tap to each step..I take
I bend and stretch and twirl with my wand
and take my place centre stage...

They call me a dancer and by that I mean
I am known by all as a tap dancer
My feet well endowed with a shoe - clickety clack
and my head uplifted with a hat that raises stares
and I keep my steps just like those on stiletoes
and I go clickety clack, back and right three steps
then I take one to the left and jump forward in a breeze..

My clothes in a tux ..well I do say I look plush
and the stick that I wave hits the floor with each drop
I must say that my heart beat makes
a rackety-rack, racket and I feel all young
as I stomp on my feet and make great music
and Yay a tap dancer - that's me...


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