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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Gives???

I found an affinity with writing in italics in the Roman Times character. I wonder how many of us have the capability of choosing something so right that fits and feels good to write in  - how about that, it even rhymes. Forget about what you write being meaningful!
Being in tune with what works is something very needed in this day and age. Have you thought about being in tune with your thoughts that relay an action that somehow gives a purpose for your mission and you say "Mission Accomplished" with a very deep sense of satisfaction.
Having said that..have you had the opportunity of being a third person in a relationship? Now, in the medieval times, you get you head chopped off for being a third party in a relationship especially in the courtesan courts of Rome. I wonder, being a woman myself - what makes a man so attractive that   even your level headed rules or principals are compromised. Well, I thought of bringing this up as women are getting more modern with their thoughts and hence don't care much if a relationship works or not. They don't mind going for a husband of another and being a mistress and usually on account of MONEY>> Money speaks volumes - doesn't it. It has taken the place of love. Lust rules these days and unlucky are those on meagre incomes who don't possess what is needed to get that FERRARI as a birthday present. Well anyway so much for that.. Now here is something to think about!!

If life had a voice, do you think it would choose you to be its domain?
If life had a choice, do you think you would be given a chance to be still living?
What gives?? What makes it worthwhile to be encapsuled in your being?

I tell you ;-

Unless you have the means to support life, life would disown you the instant you
monopolize it AND
Unless your choices are bright and flourishes the core of LIFE, your life would be
a risk  to your own being..
What makes it worthwhile is to be able to share in this world's abundance and not
be a mere onlooker!..

So, here's me shobana, telling you what gives is that you and I have a stake in this 
world and yes its worth fighting for..


Saturday, January 26, 2013

When the weeping willow sings...

Once I thought life was all about love
Once I thought the vision I see is all I need
Once I thought that listening was the key
until I met you one day under the creek

Once I saw a picturesque scene
Once I saw a clinging stream of green leaves
Once I saw the falling of those leaves
touching, feeling the swamp that they lived by
Refreshing the moments with waters formed
from the falling of raindrops from the bitter sky

Above all the weeping tears I once shed
I recall the pain it sought
Above clandestine moments that I longed for
I remember the yearning of it all..

Once I dreamt  of those spirits that lived in you
The weeping willow is what I've heard tell of you
I see them,I watch them and I feel I sometimes know them
Once I dreamt of them that lived...


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rising above the mighty waves

I love the blue whales
gliding underworld sometimes they cross the seven seas
swishing and buckling their tails they rule those majestic seas
Sometimes rising to the top, they present an elegant portrait
One that catches the eye of a vivid photographer like thee..
Swimming with grace, they grace those waters with ease.. 
A huge dimension of the spacious seas granting them the
undercurrents of mighty waves..
Strong they rule with their mighty title of "The Largest"
A mammal all in a fishy tale
Told by courtiers of written stories that has made it a
I love the blue whales
Sometimes they cross my mind and I am awed
by their distant trail..sometimes with speed and others with 
a need to reign..


Monday, January 21, 2013

The Spiritless Voice of the Everest

Someday. I hope to reach the skies like you do
All wrapped up and trudging those jagged terrains mildly centred in the Himalayan range.
I trust you do surpass all ranges of mountains
that's known to Man..don't you?

Somehow I would make it a calling from YOU
Come over, take a look and find that spot untouched by none but YOU..

Someday, you would see snow-capped mountains clashing with dew
Tiny trickles of waters against iced drops welled up as snow
An avalanche of a show..

I would be the eyes that would watch all aglow
With biting chilliness and child like wonder
I would stand against the spirits of the Mountain as great as you
and shout out your name until you hear my voice
echo the breath of your fame 
and you'd call me
Spiritless Voice of the Everest.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adorned by the Colorless Wind

Sometimes the waters that glisten hastens an encounter 
Wide, embodied with blue thrilling the sands of the seas on a barefoot or two..
Rushing onshore sometimes they feel the silk of the shores
Covered with tiny grains, they display a gentle sound of trickling waters
On tides of vast embrace..

Sometimes I watch for signs that the telling of the time begun from ages ago
The sundown, dusk, sunset and dawn
Like nature's exhibit of time beyond the timeset worn by men
Sometimes I need no nudge to awaken from a refreshing dream
The breathing of life by the sun and the quiet lifestyle beneath those seas
I feel the silent breath of a time set to still 
The chaos of the sudden awakening of life that shakes this
world of timeless wonder

Sometimes I touch those shores kissed by the waters of the seas
and know that the footprints that I leave will one day adorn
the glistening breeze - not to be seen by one but felt and lifted
by the colorless wind.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pursued (by shobana)

"Love - Against all inhibitions, you rise in stature and surmise its pleasures
Once I was the seductress..."

Disguised and unrevealing
I walk with a mask, that of care derided
a chagrin if you believe set across features plain
a pretense unbecoming of me..

For I look for the attention from the one who pursues me
without an exclamation written on mine face
for to be faced with a questionable answer
will be my downfall..I seek redress in this age where love plunders
the heart and do not seek to be part of the charade..
Yes, a charade I call it
For it has been the heartbreak of many
and I have no passion to be part there of.

I walk ahead and I find not only footsteps that linger with mine
but that of another that bridges the time frame of my life
wanting, waiting to share it with me..pursuing me with a vengeance
an intentional illusion of being part of me .

Abide with me and I state my displeasure for why are there
two when I desire to walk alone.
Leave me be for to be with me will be a blinding intrusion of two lives
Pursue me if you will
But I shall truly walk away
from a shared life ...

All rights reserved.

Monday, January 7, 2013

0aAdE Pictures of Clouds and Sunsets   What a Wonderful World [28 Pics]

Baking Sunset

It might one day be known as that
Baking Sunset..
Where I lay await sometimes for days
to see layers of different colors
in a landscape of multi-colored fusion
sun-baked towards sundown it appears..

I wonder if days were as bright and visual
as the color it portrays, would it matter if it was
the morn of the day or the time it creeps into
oblivion..to rise again in another spectre..
A gigantic ball of gold..that's what it is
to many and as it slowly mingles with the display
and turn the sky into its playhouse of colors
I would watch amazed..

From where the sun appears I would just be
another spectator..would I not
watching a massive construction of nature
paint the sky..
To it I would probably be known as the 
Easel...the pillar that churns out beauty..



Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Train Ride to Guantanamo

Train - Guantanamo, Cuba

A chug and I am on my way
 through an ancient historical trail

Guantanamo to Havana it read
(17 heures by tren)

Have you caught sight of  passing wild flowers
caught on thick vegetation
travelling in a train trailing
through thick jungles and green fields?
The smell of tiny drop of raindrops
as you look out a passing window
and feel those pores tighten
with each falling of rain
chilling your skin to your bones

How do you see where the trail leads
if you are passing at 100mph
if you are obstructed by the surroundings
that you gather enthused and with
or will you have courage to withstand
the time it takes travelling
on board a train
to a prisoner's camp..

For along the way you have
the beauty of nature
sometimes reaping profits and sometimes
reaping pain
sometimes pilfered and destroyed
by greed..

Sometimes they just blind you
this beauty I mean that you fail
to see..
For treason I believe they
are captured and chained
Not far,  yet you deny them
their freedom
bound by dictates of a feared future..

The trail seems long, winding sometimes
but trains are for distant places
covering miles to the unknown sometimes..


Friday, January 4, 2013

mirror on a purple wall

I imagine if my heart beats a little faster it will be
just beginning to see the very heart of me..
Have you wondered if there one place where
little dreams grow into biggies
Have you wondered if there is one place
where you can hide
or well sort of ..hide
from eyes??

I imagine a stray walking in someday
who caught a little of the magic of the place
where I stay
Have you ever, ever wondered if it feels the
warmth of the encounter
and would it
share with me the moments of delight
and moments of little dread

The stray and I someday would meet...

I imagine little moments that I gather 
into pleasures of divinity 
enshrined in an achingly lonely home
I call it my space where my heart,
my head and my soul
awakens my body and make it whole..


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

There's Always Hope

Each time we begin a year

there's always hope
just like
Photo: Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstonea tiny seed that is planted
watered and treasured
to the loveliness of the flowers spread
we rake each moment
with a beginning
waiting for the fragrance that we share
among the walkways that it graces
just like our paths we want to thread
where hope gathers our momentum
and make a monument of 
our dreams..

Each time we begin a year
it is a new beginning
just like
the world after a thunderstorm
or even an earthquake great,
we thread our paths with
carved out plans
to make a rummage 
a different chapter
and turn the pages 
of our lives
with a vigor that render
us the victor of
our future..

Each time we begin a year
is like the freshest of springs
that fork out love and laughter
and pick us off our feet
and give us hope and freedom
to begin afresh again.

There's always hope...


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