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Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Train Ride to Guantanamo

Train - Guantanamo, Cuba

A chug and I am on my way
 through an ancient historical trail

Guantanamo to Havana it read
(17 heures by tren)

Have you caught sight of  passing wild flowers
caught on thick vegetation
travelling in a train trailing
through thick jungles and green fields?
The smell of tiny drop of raindrops
as you look out a passing window
and feel those pores tighten
with each falling of rain
chilling your skin to your bones

How do you see where the trail leads
if you are passing at 100mph
if you are obstructed by the surroundings
that you gather enthused and with
or will you have courage to withstand
the time it takes travelling
on board a train
to a prisoner's camp..

For along the way you have
the beauty of nature
sometimes reaping profits and sometimes
reaping pain
sometimes pilfered and destroyed
by greed..

Sometimes they just blind you
this beauty I mean that you fail
to see..
For treason I believe they
are captured and chained
Not far,  yet you deny them
their freedom
bound by dictates of a feared future..

The trail seems long, winding sometimes
but trains are for distant places
covering miles to the unknown sometimes..


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