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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adorned by the Colorless Wind

Sometimes the waters that glisten hastens an encounter 
Wide, embodied with blue thrilling the sands of the seas on a barefoot or two..
Rushing onshore sometimes they feel the silk of the shores
Covered with tiny grains, they display a gentle sound of trickling waters
On tides of vast embrace..

Sometimes I watch for signs that the telling of the time begun from ages ago
The sundown, dusk, sunset and dawn
Like nature's exhibit of time beyond the timeset worn by men
Sometimes I need no nudge to awaken from a refreshing dream
The breathing of life by the sun and the quiet lifestyle beneath those seas
I feel the silent breath of a time set to still 
The chaos of the sudden awakening of life that shakes this
world of timeless wonder

Sometimes I touch those shores kissed by the waters of the seas
and know that the footprints that I leave will one day adorn
the glistening breeze - not to be seen by one but felt and lifted
by the colorless wind.


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