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Monday, January 7, 2013

0aAdE Pictures of Clouds and Sunsets   What a Wonderful World [28 Pics]

Baking Sunset

It might one day be known as that
Baking Sunset..
Where I lay await sometimes for days
to see layers of different colors
in a landscape of multi-colored fusion
sun-baked towards sundown it appears..

I wonder if days were as bright and visual
as the color it portrays, would it matter if it was
the morn of the day or the time it creeps into
oblivion..to rise again in another spectre..
A gigantic ball of gold..that's what it is
to many and as it slowly mingles with the display
and turn the sky into its playhouse of colors
I would watch amazed..

From where the sun appears I would just be
another spectator..would I not
watching a massive construction of nature
paint the sky..
To it I would probably be known as the 
Easel...the pillar that churns out beauty..



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