Friday, January 4, 2013

mirror on a purple wall

I imagine if my heart beats a little faster it will be
just beginning to see the very heart of me..
Have you wondered if there one place where
little dreams grow into biggies
Have you wondered if there is one place
where you can hide
or well sort of ..hide
from eyes??

I imagine a stray walking in someday
who caught a little of the magic of the place
where I stay
Have you ever, ever wondered if it feels the
warmth of the encounter
and would it
share with me the moments of delight
and moments of little dread

The stray and I someday would meet...

I imagine little moments that I gather 
into pleasures of divinity 
enshrined in an achingly lonely home
I call it my space where my heart,
my head and my soul
awakens my body and make it whole..


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