Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pursued (by shobana)

"Love - Against all inhibitions, you rise in stature and surmise its pleasures
Once I was the seductress..."

Disguised and unrevealing
I walk with a mask, that of care derided
a chagrin if you believe set across features plain
a pretense unbecoming of me..

For I look for the attention from the one who pursues me
without an exclamation written on mine face
for to be faced with a questionable answer
will be my downfall..I seek redress in this age where love plunders
the heart and do not seek to be part of the charade..
Yes, a charade I call it
For it has been the heartbreak of many
and I have no passion to be part there of.

I walk ahead and I find not only footsteps that linger with mine
but that of another that bridges the time frame of my life
wanting, waiting to share it with me..pursuing me with a vengeance
an intentional illusion of being part of me .

Abide with me and I state my displeasure for why are there
two when I desire to walk alone.
Leave me be for to be with me will be a blinding intrusion of two lives
Pursue me if you will
But I shall truly walk away
from a shared life ...

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