Monday, January 21, 2013

The Spiritless Voice of the Everest

Someday. I hope to reach the skies like you do
All wrapped up and trudging those jagged terrains mildly centred in the Himalayan range.
I trust you do surpass all ranges of mountains
that's known to Man..don't you?

Somehow I would make it a calling from YOU
Come over, take a look and find that spot untouched by none but YOU..

Someday, you would see snow-capped mountains clashing with dew
Tiny trickles of waters against iced drops welled up as snow
An avalanche of a show..

I would be the eyes that would watch all aglow
With biting chilliness and child like wonder
I would stand against the spirits of the Mountain as great as you
and shout out your name until you hear my voice
echo the breath of your fame 
and you'd call me
Spiritless Voice of the Everest.


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