Tuesday, January 1, 2013

There's Always Hope

Each time we begin a year

there's always hope
just like
Photo: Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstonea tiny seed that is planted
watered and treasured
to the loveliness of the flowers spread
we rake each moment
with a beginning
waiting for the fragrance that we share
among the walkways that it graces
just like our paths we want to thread
where hope gathers our momentum
and make a monument of 
our dreams..

Each time we begin a year
it is a new beginning
just like
the world after a thunderstorm
or even an earthquake great,
we thread our paths with
carved out plans
to make a rummage 
a different chapter
and turn the pages 
of our lives
with a vigor that render
us the victor of
our future..

Each time we begin a year
is like the freshest of springs
that fork out love and laughter
and pick us off our feet
and give us hope and freedom
to begin afresh again.

There's always hope...


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