Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Gives???

I found an affinity with writing in italics in the Roman Times character. I wonder how many of us have the capability of choosing something so right that fits and feels good to write in  - how about that, it even rhymes. Forget about what you write being meaningful!
Being in tune with what works is something very needed in this day and age. Have you thought about being in tune with your thoughts that relay an action that somehow gives a purpose for your mission and you say "Mission Accomplished" with a very deep sense of satisfaction.
Having said that..have you had the opportunity of being a third person in a relationship? Now, in the medieval times, you get you head chopped off for being a third party in a relationship especially in the courtesan courts of Rome. I wonder, being a woman myself - what makes a man so attractive that   even your level headed rules or principals are compromised. Well, I thought of bringing this up as women are getting more modern with their thoughts and hence don't care much if a relationship works or not. They don't mind going for a husband of another and being a mistress and usually on account of MONEY>> Money speaks volumes - doesn't it. It has taken the place of love. Lust rules these days and unlucky are those on meagre incomes who don't possess what is needed to get that FERRARI as a birthday present. Well anyway so much for that.. Now here is something to think about!!

If life had a voice, do you think it would choose you to be its domain?
If life had a choice, do you think you would be given a chance to be still living?
What gives?? What makes it worthwhile to be encapsuled in your being?

I tell you ;-

Unless you have the means to support life, life would disown you the instant you
monopolize it AND
Unless your choices are bright and flourishes the core of LIFE, your life would be
a risk  to your own being..
What makes it worthwhile is to be able to share in this world's abundance and not
be a mere onlooker!..

So, here's me shobana, telling you what gives is that you and I have a stake in this 
world and yes its worth fighting for..


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