Saturday, January 26, 2013

When the weeping willow sings...

Once I thought life was all about love
Once I thought the vision I see is all I need
Once I thought that listening was the key
until I met you one day under the creek

Once I saw a picturesque scene
Once I saw a clinging stream of green leaves
Once I saw the falling of those leaves
touching, feeling the swamp that they lived by
Refreshing the moments with waters formed
from the falling of raindrops from the bitter sky

Above all the weeping tears I once shed
I recall the pain it sought
Above clandestine moments that I longed for
I remember the yearning of it all..

Once I dreamt  of those spirits that lived in you
The weeping willow is what I've heard tell of you
I see them,I watch them and I feel I sometimes know them
Once I dreamt of them that lived...


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