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Monday, February 4, 2013

A Day In the Life of a Woman - That's me..Shobana For You

There's goes the alarm - wake up call...rush hour take heed!!!

I need to pay the bills..they are outstanding
I need to count my notes and see if they suffice..

I need to call my agent and tell him my book is done
I need to get the plumber and fix that leaking pipe

I need to meet my bankers and get that cheque book done
and do a little cross-country to pay my summons on time..

That's me..Shobana for you..

I need to call my kids.oh dear where have they disappeared
They were just running round my feet
and now they are overseas..

I need to take that oath of abstinence from chocolates for sure
Oh look, look again..its that crummy weighing scale
Telling me there's that added pound..with a smirk!

That's me ..Shobana for you..

I need some more time, more time to make that call
and get my client's on line to say hi, I'm all done..
Where's that blasted calculator telling them my fee
Dear Lord where's that pen I had in hand - now its M.I.A.

Where's that,  lose that, find that , do that
mum take that, mum I'm late, Oh No, I've spilt coffee
Oh My, Oh dear all I need is a holiday somewhere far away
from me...

Rush hour over - I'm heading home..Great there's the traffic
jam all the way home!!

That's me..Shobana for you  :)

All rights reserved. copyright@shobana2013

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