Saturday, February 16, 2013

Colors of My Mind

I walk a shade or two
with colors on my mind,
I spin a wheel or two
with different shiny silken wool,
I waltzed the dance of love
just remembering its blue
The color of Love
and the color that says I do..

I spin a little tale
with those colors of my mind
I tell how much it takes
to remember all those lines
I write a book or two
and find my words in colors too
I wish that you someday
will see it bloom..

The colors of my mind
and my wish for it to bloom
I'm steadfast in my love
and I want a girl like  you
and I waltz the dance of love and
share a glass of champagne with you
and dream of all those colors
and make them come true

All rights reserved. Copright@shobana2013

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