Monday, February 11, 2013

Dancing with the Colors of the Sky

Somedays I see the world from a different perspective.
One where the colors mingled
 with the hues of acrylics makes it
a vision to behold.
I breathe the scented air savoring the hours when the sun
dances with the clouds and creates a perception of a scenic splendor.
I change my vision accustomizing myself with the display before me
projecting a subdued version of the day just hours before.

I stand watching in amazement.
A transformation of the day into a different timeliness.
Telling us to bade farewell to a day of madness
and inviting us to embrace the hueres de soir , in other words we
romance the evening hours.

Have you ever thought of romancing the evening with the sun turning colors

and you walking hand-in hand with nature and your true love?
The sky standing witness as you embrace its breathtaking beauty which in turn

makes you blush with the hues of its different shades,
You walk the steps made for dance and waltz the hours to bid farewell.

Somedays I stand just capturing these moments of intense passion
and enthrall in the wonder of an astounding ensemble.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013

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