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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

nostalgic paper picture series 02

A Note from the Heart

This summer I am a little perplexed
my heart and mind troubled
with a much needed rest..

I put my pen to paper
and feathered a test
Would my mind be complacent
with a feather in my hand...

I wrote out a song to my lover then
telling her, her beauty is prime
in my mind she stands out
as my Lady of Time
the only one
who touched me the way
my words rhymed...

A sweet lullaby followed,
Me and my friend
had a lot to discover,
Telling each other
the mysteries of love
and making it seem
like a rare find

My Lady of Time
I write you this song
and tell you
that I want to
feel your feathered touch 
and maybe you and I
will walk down
the aisle
and the words
that I spin
with my feather
in hand
will leave you
and flushed with a tan....

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013

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