Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Songbird Called Red

Photo: A red bird with black wings on a branch

Somedays I watch out for her
Flying gracefully and landing on a rugged turf
Her turf jointly shared by the beauty of paradise
Green luscious leaves embarking on a tree branch hidden.
Her song heard by none other than me

Shy are you my little red
Come lets sing a song together
You land on my shoulders and I take you on a journey
of this beautiful paradise
a haven for creatures like you and me

I tip toe and look up to where she is perched
And get a little whistle in return
I am a friend of yours I say to her
And I want to fly like you some day
right up there to a distant place far from here
For the beauty of paradise is seen
much clearer from the sky I am pretty sure..

Come my little friend
Lets traipse the world together
I share the wings of your beauty
and you stare with wonder unheard

And I walk away with the little songbird
perched on my palm unsure
For the little bird's song of embrace
did much to calm jagged nerves...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana 2013

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