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Monday, March 25, 2013

On a Journey Bold and Gold

Medal : Laurel wreath with medal
Have you ever seen a blue crossing
On  a journey bold and gold..
Have you ever wondered at dreams passing
in bubbles that sometimes boast
of being the toast
of your life..

Have your ever tried leaving
a benchmark
on dreary work filled days
trying to calm those jilted days
where dreams are laid out bare
some beginning and ending nowhere..
Have you ever needed love
in a way a drunkard needs his rum
intoxicating and consuming 
making you shiver with heat
all at once..

Have you ever told someone a reason for
the smile you had one time when 
you were torn with unshed tears
Masking your feelings with
that smile
and lingering a little longer
with a child
to forget the unbridled pain...

  The blue crossing helps you glow
Leaving a benchmark always
lets you know - you are noted by someone you know
Someone to share that rum
intoxicating you and may he be one
for you..
Reasons for a smile may always
make your life a sway
and a child to lift your spirits
and be your gain...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013

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