Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Missing One or Two from my List

"He touched me and made me whole"

Sometimes a little far from my thoughts I stray
Sometimes I look across and I see a little craze
for things so pure in appearance it made think
of my Redeemer, the I one I adore...

So catch a little glimpse of glistening waters
A little surprising at its tempers of cold
I take a little handful and I drink a little quick
and I quench my thirst with a drip...

Over the mountains where the sun hides sometimes
I wonder if the colors are bright as it shines
or would it be captured by the mountain's shadow
casting colors unseen by me...

Sometimes I wonder if I would someday thrive
Just like a little summertime lullaby
And sometimes I count all my blessings and see
there is one or two missing from my list...

O where art thou, Jesus my Redeemer and King
Would thou take my hand and lead me uphill
For I have stumbled and fallen deep below
O My Jesus I need you so...

So wipe my tears Jesus, they seem to overflow
and cradle me in your arms like a little child or so
O Jesus, where art thou
I seek thee with unrest
For the missing one or two from my list...

-shobana- (thru the voice of Jesus and Mary)
All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013

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