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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Could it be said I'm the witness
of a storm brewing East
Somewhere between the equator
and  a cold centrepiece..

I woke to rain one night
Why did the cold me pierce tight
Leaving little strains of tears
on pillows held tight fighting the
Silent fears of the night...

Why do the winds blow east sometimes
when it is drought somewhere west
Why do  rainfalls called a storm
brew a display of wreckage for some
and for others a waltz in a rain drenched dance
Why do angels walk the earth
and disappear from sight - sometimes, somewhere

I run from fear, have you felt it near
touching you and leaving scars unclear
I take a turn sometimes west when
the road takes me down to where I know best
making a wrong turn and heading someplace
unknown in my quest...

Why do the skies frown sometimes
when the clouds hide away
from a bright sunny day...
Where do little whispers go
when you miss their tone or their breath so
Would they reach somewhere close
to your ears and leave you bewildered with those years
that you missed listening and only could hear
unwilling..where did those whispers go..

Why Oh Why do stars shine
On a clear crystal evening
Would they be the highlight of
leading two people in love to each other

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013

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