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Friday, May 3, 2013

Once Upon a Horseback Ride

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I love cartoons like a drummer who beats his way to cheers
I love blue skies like a well tended carpet grass that paves the lawn
I love greenness like its Greenland somewhere north of the hemisphere
and I love a landscape like a drawing I did when I was ten..

I rode a horse to another town and along the way
I strayed
With my thoughts so far,
I reached miles before
my horseback ride took me there.
I felt the heat on a sunny beat of the horseshoe on its feet
Tip flop a flop and a tiddle drop we went..

My heart is true, I told my beau
that it takes a lot to love
When with sunny dues I give love to you
Would you consider it best
Or if I could trace all I said with craze
making you my endless chase
I would take a horse ride to the next town
for you.

Tiddle drop and a honey crop like the bees
I would sting you
Tip flop a flop and a top of the crop I would
consider you
When my horseback ride is over now
that my love has shown for you
I sit awaiting time that flies to be with you...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana 2013

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