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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Of an Artist with a Rose

There is something about the way a rose is pictured through an artists' view...

Have you ever wondered at its beauty on a canvas of your beau
A paintbrush in his hand he captures its flow
Drawing lines and shading them into a love affair he sights by its bloom and its hue..

Darkest of red, a color that bleeds framed into a mind of a groom
The beauty of his bride is in the shade of his rose..
Petals welcome the entourage that glows
of beauty and love did a rose lead the show..

Have you thought of how the thorns prick a finger unsure by its hidden view
The petals disguise the danger of an angry possessive thorn amongst the rose
Like a jealous groom who abides by his bride and weds a radiant beaut
The rose in her hand stays overshadowed by the shine of his gold

Love that maketh a heart feeble is love that is true - shobana

 All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Suddenly, the clouds they gather and fall like rain

Brings music to my ears

Trip, Trip those drips that cease to stop by my window each time it rains,
I watch and hear those taps
ringing out songs I used to sing
like "rainy days and mondays"
or even
"walking in the rain"
and understand
it inspired one
just as me to make music of the rain - shobana

Suddenly, the clouds they gather and fall like rain
I walk into the waters drenched in cold and shiver to my bone
I trip along the pavement walking past those cluttered stones of grey
Matching the weather and catching its fall
and wondering if I shared the same fate as they..

Suddenly, the skies are crying out for the attention that I would give
by breaking away from the sunny time of day
and clearing the skies from the blue to the grey, a lot like the weather
where my stormy heart betrays
and break out in tears...

No one sees me the way I am
but those cloudless skies that turned about the rain and grieved in pain...

Suddenly, O suddenly, the rain, she shares my pain.

all rights reserved. copyright@shobana2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Gaze and The Grazing

Labrador Looking After The Cattle Stock Photo

Something caught my eye
a grazing..
Reflected in eyes acclimed
just amazing..

Different color, differed by breed
one stray in numbers
but tell a tale of steed 
of the finest breed
the other known by its
watchful gaze
a shepherd in a watchdog
plays the head of
a herd that walks the green..

Have you wondered at how
they speak
the language common
and shared
with a need
to keep each other
by a gaze and the grazing..

All Rights Reserved.Copyright@shobana2013

I was inclined to write this after a prompt from a friend and as I worded the picture into poetry
I realised that we are akin the shepherd on days of superiority and akin the lambs on days of need.
Without the two inclined to be partners in this sometimes sordid world, we are akin to lost beings
in a world where the meaning of oneness is often delegated to one being. Loneliness often leaves us disillusional - shobana 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Blazing Map to Eden

There's a garden in the far east of Eden, a little baby's breath, roses and violets blue
A passageway of white petalled roses strewn with leaves of green
centred in fine threads of shine..

In a vacuumous, cavenous surrounding
the inhabitants were angels and saints..
The entrance decked with arcs of green dew
with arched canopies of sunlight streaming through..

The stars give light and are dressed in silver
The stray of which forms a comet that falls within..
The apple tree stands bare and bears witness
of the law of God once summoned of
two mortal beings...

The rising sun, the setting dome
seen on oceans
set a blazing map to this garden of Eve...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Captive Hearts

Love is blind and lovers cannot see the pretty follies they themselves commit- shakespeare

He thought of ways to meet her
and on rainy days its gets harder
the weather and coldness without her warmth
and shallow feelings of  come what may.

Why does the feeling of love sometimes betray
the very depth of what it must portray
and to answer that question I must say
that love is blind
for her beauty is hidden by time
and taken apart by a crime

A crime? he asks her

Yes, she says for to be enamoured by love
is to be captive to hearts such as we..

and she walks away with a smile....


Monday, July 1, 2013

Chained to a Nation's Pride

The tepid waters touched the silvery graces of the waters nigh..

Beyond the glances moving in mirages
 the skyscrapers stood in a concrete jungle
clustered amidst a shadowed ploy..

The aura of its appearance that of one without an 
interest in life...
Staid, naked to the eye
they house the spoken tribe.

She walks into the warm covers of the waters
One of a sigh..
Warm, inviting - an ageless pine..
Her feet glistening amongst the myriad of colors
Watched by the concrete 
in a wave of guilt..
for nature dances
to the warmth of her feet..
the shadow of the concrete
chained to 
a nation's pride...


Il n'est pas le volume l'ecriture que je veux
mais il est
le langue de musique au m'inspire
que je rechercher.


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