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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Of an Artist with a Rose

There is something about the way a rose is pictured through an artists' view...

Have you ever wondered at its beauty on a canvas of your beau
A paintbrush in his hand he captures its flow
Drawing lines and shading them into a love affair he sights by its bloom and its hue..

Darkest of red, a color that bleeds framed into a mind of a groom
The beauty of his bride is in the shade of his rose..
Petals welcome the entourage that glows
of beauty and love did a rose lead the show..

Have you thought of how the thorns prick a finger unsure by its hidden view
The petals disguise the danger of an angry possessive thorn amongst the rose
Like a jealous groom who abides by his bride and weds a radiant beaut
The rose in her hand stays overshadowed by the shine of his gold

Love that maketh a heart feeble is love that is true - shobana

 All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013

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