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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Independence for the Common Man

 I am a common man
walking these streets.
Remembering the times when
freedom was preached
and proclaimed as a valued constitutional 
right of the creed
and I raised up my hopes
for the freedom of speech.

None, no none of you 
Understood what it means
when I woke up that day
56 years ago to be
bound as one race
 with no boundaries set in..

Let it Be, Let it Show
We are Malaysians 
with one tree
where the branches hang
in races that 
begun a nation with a decree

Malay, Chinese, Indians and Others
are we
cause we raced for time
to make us one
with no guilt and  no plea.

No matter the race & religion, we are what we are meant to be and to recognize it and accept it is the first step to be free...- shobana- 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Woven with Love

The budding rose now into a beautiful bloom
She gathers its beauty is full grown
So tender the petals that it seems so true
that freshness adorns a pink rose..

Follow its scent, some say its heaven bent
Beauty and rose, beauty and blooms
O heavenly thy name, amongst all that grows

She lifts her tender one onto her hands
and the breath that adorns gives rise to a peck
a kiss for the young 'un, a peck on the nose
and it wriggles somewhat and it glows

The pride of a child in the hands of a loved one
Would it ever matter that its snowing somewhere
Far in the mountains where its chilly out there
For the warmth of a child in hand completes every care

The pinkest rose of the pinkest rose
Would you smile at her there
She is whisking away in her carriage so fair
For far into the night a young man will she meet there
In a thousand years from now
It would be a fairy tale affair.

For unto a man is a woman given to bear his child and bring forth a kin and unto
that kin are the woven love that ties and binds the namesake of her man - shobana

Monday, August 26, 2013

An Emaki from Me - An Engraved Enlightening

Emakimono (絵巻物 emaki-mono?, lit. 'picture scroll'), often simply called emaki (絵巻?), is a horizontal, illustrated narrative form created during the 11th to 16th centuries in JapanEmaki-mono combines both text and pictures, and is drawn, painted, or stamped on a handscroll. They depict battles, romance, religion, folk tales, and stories of the supernatural world (taken from a text of the wikipedia)

She said it in two words, an Engraved Enligtening..

A gentleness is what it is to be the queen of his dreams
living music heard from an angel's tune sung to the
strings of a lean strong tower that harps a melody..

Man seated casually on stool, smoking cigar and reading newspaper

He sits in style, cigar in mouth and a book to begin with
He gazes through those words that drew him to a place that paged him in
and he amused himself with a swig of piped cigar smoking..

Once upon a time, far away where folk tales came to life to you & me,
those days that childish endeavors brought great transformation
to kindred spirits..

Folklores galore, tilting music stores that housed the recorded singers of
love and placed a prohibition to the feud of Shakepeare in Act Two of Romeo & Julliet.

Emakimono, as now you know is a scroll of beauty and pictures that keep us in awe of what
it means to have a picture perfect folk tale.

For writs and scrolls are that which told us stories before we waded in ink of Gold
and killed the world of an intriguing way to learn to begin with - shobana

Friday, August 23, 2013

Love shared and given with a Flair

A touch of misses and a nostalgic affair
is when we leave kisses
shared with a touch of a flair..

Birds that fly the nest
Do they come back to be
and remember the first time
they begun their journey

To the ones with big dreams 
and to the ones who achieves
we bid them adieu
with blessings and peace.

Love once given is love that's a gift
to the endowed and the giver of it..

Well, it was time for my daughter to leave after her 2 month summer break here and she is now into her last year of medicine. I am missing her much but then I would be planning my trip to Cuba for her graduation soon. Au Revoir sweetheart, God bless, have a safe trip and I love you - shobana

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Little Time Off Being Me

What beckons is that which transpires in your mind, configures in your heart and is thus presented to the eye - shobana

A little time for us, she willed it to be..
She beckoned beauty thus it was presented to thee
What lay ahead you do not see
What has been is something to be screened
for irregularities..

A little time to be, just be
Someone else instead of me
Singing and having a blast
That's me
When I'm someone else, someone else to thee..

I tell a story, I write a song
I begin with me and sometimes its wrong
Would want it to be
Just you and not always me...

A little time in some place off your path
I have a corner that inspires one and all
Come share a moment with me
And remember life is not meant to be a treadmill..

A little time tucked somewhere between
the fast paced lingerers and not just me
A ferrari I see
A gentleman of the world, you see
Asking me
Would you marry me?

A little time it took or maybe it seemed
I whispered to the winds
The answer you see
Come what may be...


Saturday, August 10, 2013


Continuing with my trip to England...

Gracing Her with Candles and making it a prayer
I was led by the Holy Spirit to a land of the fair...

My modern day spirits I shared with a cheer
to the maiden that walks with me, the toast of my beer..

I beam a little smile on a sunny morn there
For my voyage that blessed me with a laissez faire...

Sometimes family moments and candids often tell far too much than what transpire, don't you think or does it take you into little unseen captures that you don't sometimes care...

Enjoy and take a moment to see the beauty that awakens you each day making you come alive
with moments captured by a stare - shobana

Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Trip to Bristol, UK - Cheers to you Marissa - Congratulations and God Bless

Sometimes pictures say it all..
How do you express pride..especially if words fail you!
My daughter graduated in Law and my heart was filled to the brim with happiness for her.
She put in real effort with very little thought about anything else but success and she strived
for the best.
Life has a funny way of showing you that what goes around comes back in leaps and bounds to you
especially if it is done with good intentions.
Money cannot buy happiness and hence my short trip come what may to UK to be by her side to
share her achievement.

As I saw her going up the stage to receive her congratulatory handshake from the Dean, I thought even tears will not stop the lump in my throat to subside. She is my youngest and totally a fighter. She has a maturity that sometimes even baffles me. The profession she chose is very apt for the person that she is I now understand. Her values in life very much her forte to better things in future and for that I am glad.

I loved Bristol and wherever she went, I saw that she made herself very updated with the English way of life. I have always been someone who thinks that in Rome you have to do what the Romans do and she has adapted to that way of thinking too. Well I followed her everywhere with pride. There definitely was a badge that said "That's my daughter" stuck on my lapel when out with her. We had a great time.

Well, I shall come back another day Bristol because I have another graduation to attend in the next couple of months and that of my first girl who is doing medicine in Cuba. Another pride in my life.

God has been kind and good to us and we couldn't have asked for more.

Goodbye England and Hello Cuba next...

Life goes on and in the meantime back home with my loved ones I shall stay and watch and pray that only the best in life happens to my two girls..

Have a great week ahead of you everyone and smile - life's pretty good actually! Cheers ! - shobana -

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