Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Little Time Off Being Me

What beckons is that which transpires in your mind, configures in your heart and is thus presented to the eye - shobana

A little time for us, she willed it to be..
She beckoned beauty thus it was presented to thee
What lay ahead you do not see
What has been is something to be screened
for irregularities..

A little time to be, just be
Someone else instead of me
Singing and having a blast
That's me
When I'm someone else, someone else to thee..

I tell a story, I write a song
I begin with me and sometimes its wrong
Would want it to be
Just you and not always me...

A little time in some place off your path
I have a corner that inspires one and all
Come share a moment with me
And remember life is not meant to be a treadmill..

A little time tucked somewhere between
the fast paced lingerers and not just me
A ferrari I see
A gentleman of the world, you see
Asking me
Would you marry me?

A little time it took or maybe it seemed
I whispered to the winds
The answer you see
Come what may be...


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