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Monday, August 26, 2013

An Emaki from Me - An Engraved Enlightening

Emakimono (絵巻物 emaki-mono?, lit. 'picture scroll'), often simply called emaki (絵巻?), is a horizontal, illustrated narrative form created during the 11th to 16th centuries in JapanEmaki-mono combines both text and pictures, and is drawn, painted, or stamped on a handscroll. They depict battles, romance, religion, folk tales, and stories of the supernatural world (taken from a text of the wikipedia)

She said it in two words, an Engraved Enligtening..

A gentleness is what it is to be the queen of his dreams
living music heard from an angel's tune sung to the
strings of a lean strong tower that harps a melody..

Man seated casually on stool, smoking cigar and reading newspaper

He sits in style, cigar in mouth and a book to begin with
He gazes through those words that drew him to a place that paged him in
and he amused himself with a swig of piped cigar smoking..

Once upon a time, far away where folk tales came to life to you & me,
those days that childish endeavors brought great transformation
to kindred spirits..

Folklores galore, tilting music stores that housed the recorded singers of
love and placed a prohibition to the feud of Shakepeare in Act Two of Romeo & Julliet.

Emakimono, as now you know is a scroll of beauty and pictures that keep us in awe of what
it means to have a picture perfect folk tale.

For writs and scrolls are that which told us stories before we waded in ink of Gold
and killed the world of an intriguing way to learn to begin with - shobana

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