Friday, August 23, 2013

Love shared and given with a Flair

A touch of misses and a nostalgic affair
is when we leave kisses
shared with a touch of a flair..

Birds that fly the nest
Do they come back to be
and remember the first time
they begun their journey

To the ones with big dreams 
and to the ones who achieves
we bid them adieu
with blessings and peace.

Love once given is love that's a gift
to the endowed and the giver of it..

Well, it was time for my daughter to leave after her 2 month summer break here and she is now into her last year of medicine. I am missing her much but then I would be planning my trip to Cuba for her graduation soon. Au Revoir sweetheart, God bless, have a safe trip and I love you - shobana

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