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Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Trip to Bristol, UK - Cheers to you Marissa - Congratulations and God Bless

Sometimes pictures say it all..
How do you express pride..especially if words fail you!
My daughter graduated in Law and my heart was filled to the brim with happiness for her.
She put in real effort with very little thought about anything else but success and she strived
for the best.
Life has a funny way of showing you that what goes around comes back in leaps and bounds to you
especially if it is done with good intentions.
Money cannot buy happiness and hence my short trip come what may to UK to be by her side to
share her achievement.

As I saw her going up the stage to receive her congratulatory handshake from the Dean, I thought even tears will not stop the lump in my throat to subside. She is my youngest and totally a fighter. She has a maturity that sometimes even baffles me. The profession she chose is very apt for the person that she is I now understand. Her values in life very much her forte to better things in future and for that I am glad.

I loved Bristol and wherever she went, I saw that she made herself very updated with the English way of life. I have always been someone who thinks that in Rome you have to do what the Romans do and she has adapted to that way of thinking too. Well I followed her everywhere with pride. There definitely was a badge that said "That's my daughter" stuck on my lapel when out with her. We had a great time.

Well, I shall come back another day Bristol because I have another graduation to attend in the next couple of months and that of my first girl who is doing medicine in Cuba. Another pride in my life.

God has been kind and good to us and we couldn't have asked for more.

Goodbye England and Hello Cuba next...

Life goes on and in the meantime back home with my loved ones I shall stay and watch and pray that only the best in life happens to my two girls..

Have a great week ahead of you everyone and smile - life's pretty good actually! Cheers ! - shobana -

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