Sunday, September 29, 2013

In Loving Memoriam

My Sister, Partner, Executive Director and Co-founder of Agensi Pekerjaan Workline Sdn Bhd (JTR1063) left us to be with the Lord on Thursday, 26/09/2013 at 6.35am. She is survived by her son Ezra Valen Swazkahan Jai, 13.
Here is an excerpt of her Eulogy that I wrote and read at her funeral mass :-

Hello Everyone and thank you for coming here today to share our grief with us.
I am Stanis, sister of Jacquline and I am here to say a few words on behalf of my family and me.

Jacquline is the third in the family, a devoted mother to her son Ezra - daughter and sister. 
There is so much to Jacquline and the person that she is that time would not permit me to say.
We can go on and on about her.
Before anything, she is known for her beauty inside out - a woman with a gorgeous demeanor, blessed with both looks, charm and intelligence. Well, I know for a fact that she can charm the pants off anyone just by her smile :)

She was instrumental in the start-up of our Company - Agensi Pekerjaan Workline Sdn Bhd (JTR1063). In 1996, we both decided that we would like to get into a business of our own and we went into a partnership. She is the Executive Director, Partner and Co-founder of the company. 

She has a keen sense of business and together she and I built our Company over the years to one of the better agencies providing staffing requirements. I will not forget our passion and commitment towards that goal. We had an affinity of teamwork and understanding between us. She and I built the Company from scratch overcoming all the hurdles of a start-up business and working with her, I knew that she shared the same dream as me. Today we have more than 200 companies in our listing as our clients and for that I am proud to say that she handled most of the Marketing aspects of the Company. She strived very hard to maintain the decorum that is expected of a Marketing Consultant taking our company to greater heights. To Jacquline, presentation was very important. She takes a great deal of time and perserverance to get a job well done making sure that every minute detail is taken into account just like her sense of dressing. She is known as the designer, fashion consultant to the family especially my two girls and has a flamboyant sense of dressing and to that effect she also possesses a Diploma in Design among others.

She is someone with such a positive outlook and would never let anything get her down. Every obstacle that she has ever faced, she has managed to come out looking brighter with a new vision - she goes round it to overcome it.

She was a sports enthusiast- football, badminton, you name it...
She was also an avid health conscious person who always believes in exercising to reduce weight. A diet plan has never been in any of her itineraries to loose weight that's for sure. So now I wonder if the exercising regime and eating well really is nothing more than hype.
We cannot understand right now how it has benefited Jacky apart from giving her a great figure!!

She most definitely was the life of every party. Magdline, Jacquline and I used to have Fridays girls night out and we used have a blast with Jacky. we used to call ourselves the Soul Sisters and mind you every Friday the three of us were singles!
No matter where we go, she is a familiar figure, well liked by everyone. On days I am not up to it, she will have much to say like "we will go and relax and enjoy ourselves - come la" - that normally does it for me.

During the short spell of her illness, she got us all up and running on our feet. My brother in-law, Param would get her breakfast first thing in the morning otherwise she would have a barrage of questions for him. Everyday something new on the itinerary/menu. The children - she would question about school work stressing on the importance of getting all As for their public exams. My mother - she would be off at her about the dramas she watches or if the food wasn't up to her taste - she would have a mouthful to say. My sister Magdline was at her beck and call as well. Well Me - she gave me the duty to get to work and make the money I guess. The minute she senses that my brothers are not around, she asks for them - calling their names out. She was always supportive of my two girls and they adore her - she spelled fun for my two girls.
My husband called her the COO - Chief Operating Officer.

To the last, she did not want visitors and we apologize for that. She wanted to be remembered and etched in each one's memory as the beauty she always is. We are in deep shock over her passing but now I'm sure she is with Desmond and Papa watching over all of us with her cheeky smile. We just cannot understand her passing. She had so many milestones to reach and so much in the future to look forward to with Ezra.

Life is not only short, it is unfair as well.

As a closing, I would like to say this :-

Somewhere out there a free spirit roams
If you feel feather kisses rub past you in a song
Just know that its Jacky saying I am free and adieu..


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