Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Cover of Your Life

Each time I smile, a little teardrop falls upon my face
Each time I am awake, a little part of me is asleep
When you count all of your blessings
Are they somewhat deserved to be praised
Are they worth the shared grace, are they worth all the deeds..

The Cover of my life does it fit the landscape of yours
Does life and its moments decide the way we live
Does it need another hand to help one when all you need is the one hand
from up above
Does it even gather momentum on rainy days...

Each time I lend a hand, I remember how you were
Your smile just lingers and I cling to days of old
When we were together and with laughter we shared our lives together
And then all soon, we grew up and our lives took another route..

The Cover of Your Life, will it be emboldened in bright lights
With your lingering smile in our thoughts we collide
Each time I remember, the days when laughter ruled
And nothing painful ever happened for us to brood

- shobana-
All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013

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