Monday, January 13, 2014

As Ancient As Me

karlstejn castle

Topple me over with wings
Untie the rope that clings
I am a castle down by the sea
and held upright by the people you see

Take a walk down the hill
Sloping and lopsided it stills
the footpaths that trudge the narrowed path
that takes me up again to be seen

Bowed down with beauty and chains
I once held the chambermaid's quilt
I heard it said
She ran away with the guest
who visited the Castle you see...

Reflected against a lake I bemoan
The drudgery of the cold
If you take a step to the right of my zone
You'll see me disguised by the tree..

I am the Castle that holds
many secrets and places of old
With rooms so wide
I can hide a bride who has
taken a lover in the quiet...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014


  1. Miss Shobana, you really amaze me on where you get these ideas. Very creating and great job on this. John Edward

  2. Hi John
    LOL, thank you - well it is one of those times that I engage in imagination wild - shobana


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