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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Have a Nice Day

So there was talk among the clouds if the sun would shine today  :)
Would it be gloomy or a little stubborn to show a little glee to the passers by below?

A passing cloud all ready to cry passed a few fellow mates who snapped and blew at it disturbed..
"Don't you dare shed a tear cause I'm in no mood to wet the world"
Huff and puff they blew and the cloud just got caught up in their view and disappeared without a tear..
And dance they did - the clouds that brought a little cheer to the world..

Sometimes you wonder if you want to be that little cloud with the tear
and bring on gloom with an untidy broom and try to steer and clear.
No matter how you try if you spread your gloom you will be remembered for the tear


Other times you wonder if you spread some cheer instead
and bring the sun among the folks who need them most my dear
No matter how you try you will be known by the smile you lit in their eyes
and followed through every where you go with a handy laugh in your gear..

Have a nice day everyone and thank you for stopping by - shobana

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014


  1. There's no substitute to choosing to be happy despite difficult circumstances we're facing everyday. Great write, Miss Shobana! John Edward

    1. Hi John
      Thank you and of course you are right. Have a nice day - shobana


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