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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I am the Order of Peace

Dove : Dove of Peace. Retro styled illustration.

Storms of hope I wish thee dwell
In hearts unlit by light
Storms awake the hours of still
And break the yoke of night
I brace thee strife and drift alive
and peace within uphold.

I am the order of Peace
I dwell in the wings that cease
To fly above in heaven's sight
And lift my joy and pride.

I walk ahead in Silence
Over footpaths left un-thread
And cease to keep within its confines
The vision of my Glory

For to seek is to hope and to hope is to live - shobana

All rights Reserved. Copyright@shobana2014


  1. I'm glad you're at peace, Miss Shobana. It can be challenging these days especially that there are a lot of distractions. Personally, what I do to keep focus is after I wake up I meditate for 5 minutes. With that small exercise, I get to have everything in place and I feel at peace and productive. Great writing! Keep it up!
    John Edward

  2. Thank you John and for the tip :) Glad you like the poem and good to hear from you - shobana


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