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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Prayer to You

winter sunrise

Somewhere out there in the cold, where coals survive a winter drought, where the sunrise is seen in the dark and blue of the sky becomes white.
Somewhere out there all alone, I dream of the savior that I behold, hoping and praying that he would touch my soul and take my hand in his in submission.
Its a long and arduous encounter, To be heard and not seen like in slumber, when I wake with words of praise I hear the angel's phrase "Be glad and rejoice for I am yours".
O godly be thy will O Lord and when my human frails are seen with doubt, it is then I reach out with a prayer :-

O Lord Grant me Wisdom when I awake
To see thy beauty and thy grace
If I need a hand be thee my guide
And reach out to lift me from the storm
If I need thy spirit to redeem my faith
O Lord be my strength in times of doubt
For You be the maker and I be your gift
to the world at large that I encounter..

For somewhere out there in the dark, I see people with light in their eyes, Walking in numbers to the end of their troubles and leave those charred moments behind - shobana.

Have a great week ahead.

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