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Monday, March 31, 2014

Master of Poets ( A Repost )

I read through rhymes
running edges of dried ink
that stained pages taken
from memories
mayhaps gained by an insight
of meaningful endeavors and brushes
with life..

Of what life do you speak of
O Master of the Poets..

I speak of the many grunts
and designs of the meagre being,
Of watching a sun-bathed sky dieing
in grief..
I speak of the distant tongue
torched by a raging whim,
the whim of mankind..

And what may they be
my Master?? this whim you speak of..

Whims of fancies that run by numbers
and stage a collision with man's
Extracting the wrath
of the hidden and disguising the
masks of the diseased ..

"The written exclamation of the
bearer of those whims
are often a forgotten curse
as with to begin."


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

(Please share for the passengers on board MH370)


Devoid of affection I breathe 
taking in fresh air mingled with pollution
I chance a space that's free that
which my labored walk can hardly breach..

I break the yoke of angst
I am but a freedom fighter
Wanting to be set in a perfect world
Where the breach of promise lives...

No weapons to cast at one another
My word address
No suspicious characters
To rise up against my shadow
No lies to cover my words
I am entrusted with the truth
No race but one
No religion overbearing
I believe in my own
I do not connive nor do I persecute
I cast aside my vengeance
To monopolize a freed world
I live as I should
In moderation - shobana

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Monday, March 10, 2014

I believe

A lot of the times that I have sat and wondered what to write has me envisioning all the happenings of 2013 which had me on my toes most of the time.

I persevered the worst and stumbled through the best.

My life took a different turn and my vision a different charter.

I questioned the reason of why I should believe " everything happens for a reason ". The death of my sister for one got me hearing the words "she is in a better place". Why couldn't she have been here and been in a better place and that left me disillusioned. Life is unfair but then its hard because choice is not everyone's cup of tea - shobana.

I believe

I am made for the visionary
One who sees and understands
that choice is a hard find.

In life's puzzle there are no easy routes
Every block brings an awareness of an avenue
To open a door, one has to experience a closed one
and leave the rest to chance..

Where do you begin to create life's choices for you
From the womb into adulthood
Strangeness encapsulates
Familiarity is bred 

I believe

That I am here in another body
But attached to wings that fly
How do you keep your wings intact
When all you want is the freedom to fly

I believe

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Please share my post (For the victims of MH370)

Somewhere out there lies a story
Of the mindless misgivings of the unawares
Innocence breaking barriers
Only to be entrusted to the bewildered...

Life has a beginning
One that clutches to the HOPE of its meaning
Engaging us on a journey of surprises or a planned route
Making us a partner to the countless reasons to stay alive and live...

Life sees a reason behind its ending
One that clutches to the notion of embracing the unseen
Of making us a partner to an invasion of a privacy yet undiscovered by the living
Life in the aftermath.

For the many who lived, life is celebrated with much piety and conscious
For the many who didn't, life inexplicably turned a course of disengaged tumult -
Many taken by surprise at its intensity of rejection to let live.

For the ones who grieve life will always be a hardened lesson, one where tears
are where comfort lies - shobana

I truly hope that there is rational to the incidences that take place these days.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Ceremonial Debate

Sparklers I beg you toast
Wine for the intoxicated -
A ceremonial debate.

A glossy affair awaited them
Two in a torrid heartfelt dream
He opposite his mark of affection
And she in a chastened situation..

A drink that foretold lovers of past and now 
whose drunkeness did devour,
To exchange feelings of muted silenced love
One which the intoxication will uncover..

She sips her wine in a classy demeanor
While he clutches his priceless selection
Looking into a beauty whose eyes did shine in sheer expectation
Anticipating his lips once conquered...

He sets his knees on the ground
and bequests his dream with a diamond
A sparkling toast he begs in return
A share in an embodiment of fusion
Of a woman and a man in union.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

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