Monday, March 10, 2014

I believe

A lot of the times that I have sat and wondered what to write has me envisioning all the happenings of 2013 which had me on my toes most of the time.

I persevered the worst and stumbled through the best.

My life took a different turn and my vision a different charter.

I questioned the reason of why I should believe " everything happens for a reason ". The death of my sister for one got me hearing the words "she is in a better place". Why couldn't she have been here and been in a better place and that left me disillusioned. Life is unfair but then its hard because choice is not everyone's cup of tea - shobana.

I believe

I am made for the visionary
One who sees and understands
that choice is a hard find.

In life's puzzle there are no easy routes
Every block brings an awareness of an avenue
To open a door, one has to experience a closed one
and leave the rest to chance..

Where do you begin to create life's choices for you
From the womb into adulthood
Strangeness encapsulates
Familiarity is bred 

I believe

That I am here in another body
But attached to wings that fly
How do you keep your wings intact
When all you want is the freedom to fly

I believe

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