Sunday, March 9, 2014

Please share my post (For the victims of MH370)

Somewhere out there lies a story
Of the mindless misgivings of the unawares
Innocence breaking barriers
Only to be entrusted to the bewildered...

Life has a beginning
One that clutches to the HOPE of its meaning
Engaging us on a journey of surprises or a planned route
Making us a partner to the countless reasons to stay alive and live...

Life sees a reason behind its ending
One that clutches to the notion of embracing the unseen
Of making us a partner to an invasion of a privacy yet undiscovered by the living
Life in the aftermath.

For the many who lived, life is celebrated with much piety and conscious
For the many who didn't, life inexplicably turned a course of disengaged tumult -
Many taken by surprise at its intensity of rejection to let live.

For the ones who grieve life will always be a hardened lesson, one where tears
are where comfort lies - shobana

I truly hope that there is rational to the incidences that take place these days.

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