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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Precious One, Lingering Hope

the virgin mary

Precious One, Lingering Hope
Chastened by christening light
The time has come
For thy divine blight to enter thy kingdom above

O Saints of reparation
Sing thee of adulation
For thy Mother does uphold her creed
Praising the Son of God

Thy feet restore
Thy homage we bestow
Thy lingering hope we hold
Deep within thy bosom holy

By thy watchful stride
And thy calmness I pride
I beseech thee to have me to hold
To calm my spirit that grieves within my being
And keep me safe in your loving embrace.


Thursday, April 24, 2014


My mind forms a question
My lips are sealed though
Unsaid words await recognition
Oh how could it be so
If you could read a mind
Would it be mine
If you could touch my lips
Will the fingers linger on
Words brought to attention
Words thought as wisdom
Love's an emotion
That's purely unreasonable
It picks and chooses
The trappings so intense
If I could read a mind
It would be yours
If I could teach love
I would bare my heart & soul
In the game that love plays
I'd be waiting for you 
To walk into my arms aching for you.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Day Time Ran Out

Trailing seconds to minutes colliding into a major setback
the men hit wavelengths of unseen specter of jolts of combat
The warfare in full motion...

What does the trail of time set between man and enemy conjure?
An evil connotation of acquiring peace perhaps..
Making the victor the victorious with blood on his hands.
Somewhere in the distant the winds of change does slumber
For the time that ticks there is askance of more time for sleep
For them the hour does not beckon the urgence nor does the
time dwell them in good stead
For to be un-ready for the battle ahead and bask in the laziness of spring
will befall the tragedy that belies the world and be adjudged as "The Day Time Ran Out"
for the loss of battle.

Enter the timezone of war where battleships collide and be prepared to be victorious or  fall into the hands of the enemy - shobana

Monday, April 21, 2014

Fountain of Show

Silent it shines standing witness to a colorful tirade
Waters running by the lake
A shimmering delight

Fountain of show
Cascading in delight
Showing streams of colors
A co-ordinate of style

Do you ever wonder if the waters have stood the test of time
Do they fill the lake with a wonderment each night
Standing still they wait for each drop to fall and with each ripple
they cause a tide
Soft ripples that gently tides along
Running against the shores of concrete
Filling the night with a refreshed beat
of a sashaying display for the bright moon on the side


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Missing You This Easter

Missing You This Easter

Will it ever be the same
There is a void within our frame
The pictures we have
had a family attached
and now there is a gap....

Missing You This Easter
with love
for desmond, papa and jacky.

- shobana-

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

For The Holier Than Thou

For pride that boasts will one day realize that there is no 1st class ticket to the Lord's house - shobana

Over the years, I have come across people who are holier than thou. People who think that knowing their religion through their knowledge of the scriptures puts them one step above others. They then start to preach, proud and boastful in their ways of addressing their words of the scriptures - challenging and mostly suppressing the wisdom of those who are not on par with them with regards to the knowledge of scriptures.

This Holy Week I have a few words for the Holier than Thou -

For even the lowliest of them is held with much reverence by the Lord
Never for a moment confuse righteousness as violating the laws of the Lord,
God made the world and all its splendor to be enjoyed and admired,
To walk in faith and in his word is to be good of heart, good of words and good of mind,
God has never judged you by your sins but by the glory of your actions.
Never undermine someone his faith, for faith talks the language of the Lord in him as a person
sometimes un-religiously and hence we have the atheist
Never give up the joys of this life as they are yours given by Him the most High
Learn to be happy for it is your right
Learn that there is no one below your mark - he might be greater in God's eyes
Everyone has a reason to be alive today - to see the world evolve and pro-create
God made the poor so that the rich may believe that they are blessed
God made the rich so that the poor may revel in their success no matter how unfair it may be
Everyone has been given an outline to live his life and only God knows what is in store for each one of us.

I believe that we should be able to someday say that we enjoyed the fruits of our labor with good faith and lived the good life - shobana

 All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Heart and Yours a Lovers' Claim

One step closer - Christina Perri

Our love just like a rose it blooms
Within the confines of a crowded room
The thorns they make love a cherished bubble some may say
Hard to reach without a heart that's pure

Why do angels sing of roses
Colored as they are
Pure white they sometimes mingle with green and create the charm
Of beauty

One step is all it takes to bring us an encore of pain that
love is most times, breaking hearts that run out of rhyme
One step closer is how I see us today my love
Unchained in illusions claimed real
Lost and surreal

Love in all its splendor
And cherished by sacred encounters
Kisses that match its solemn reign
Will one day gain
My heart and yours a lovers' claim.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Do you know what is out there for you

Once when I was a kid
I talked the Lord a script

Do you, do you know what is out there for you...
I am a child loved by the Son
I see thy sun
Shining all bright
I see colors light up the rays of your smile

Once when I was kid
I sat held aloft and talked my baby langue to you
I wished I was you
and someday I would too
talk the language of love taught by you

Did you ever know
The stories told before
Of a layman who knew the truth
Of why flowers bloom
or why lovers roam the paradise touched by you
If life ever strays from the path of God's way
I would grudgingly follow you

I saw long before
the wisdom of the heart
and say that it bleeds your Words so true

The heart when it bleeds
would someday fill the needs
of children brought home by you...


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

(Un)Predictable Weather

At odd times we believe in sailing though rough waters
without drowning and those times often than not
takes us into a voyage of overcoming choppy waters.

Sometimes we tend to blame the weather
and there are times when it becomes unclear
as to when we started on the rough journey and
ended with failure.

We take a great leap ahead and look back to the
reasons as to why we are trapped in drowning waters,
More often that not it is due to the unforseen or
maybe the influx of angst and error.

No matter what we see in our journey of rough seas ahead
the chances of overcoming them always leaves us
with a renewed vigor.

There will be days when the sky seems downcast
and days when the sun shines and smiles somewhat
and the waters seem serenely drifting with us
moving in a tide of danger left past.

In the end our lives do depend on the weather,
does it not? 

So lift a little of your anxiety and see past the glory
of the sunrise and sunset and remember we are
the centrefold of an earth seen the worst and
live to be greeted by another day to rise and predict
the weather 

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013

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