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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

(Un)Predictable Weather

At odd times we believe in sailing though rough waters
without drowning and those times often than not
takes us into a voyage of overcoming choppy waters.

Sometimes we tend to blame the weather
and there are times when it becomes unclear
as to when we started on the rough journey and
ended with failure.

We take a great leap ahead and look back to the
reasons as to why we are trapped in drowning waters,
More often that not it is due to the unforseen or
maybe the influx of angst and error.

No matter what we see in our journey of rough seas ahead
the chances of overcoming them always leaves us
with a renewed vigor.

There will be days when the sky seems downcast
and days when the sun shines and smiles somewhat
and the waters seem serenely drifting with us
moving in a tide of danger left past.

In the end our lives do depend on the weather,
does it not? 

So lift a little of your anxiety and see past the glory
of the sunrise and sunset and remember we are
the centrefold of an earth seen the worst and
live to be greeted by another day to rise and predict
the weather 

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013

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