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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Do you know what is out there for you

Once when I was a kid
I talked the Lord a script

Do you, do you know what is out there for you...
I am a child loved by the Son
I see thy sun
Shining all bright
I see colors light up the rays of your smile

Once when I was kid
I sat held aloft and talked my baby langue to you
I wished I was you
and someday I would too
talk the language of love taught by you

Did you ever know
The stories told before
Of a layman who knew the truth
Of why flowers bloom
or why lovers roam the paradise touched by you
If life ever strays from the path of God's way
I would grudgingly follow you

I saw long before
the wisdom of the heart
and say that it bleeds your Words so true

The heart when it bleeds
would someday fill the needs
of children brought home by you...


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