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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

For The Holier Than Thou

For pride that boasts will one day realize that there is no 1st class ticket to the Lord's house - shobana

Over the years, I have come across people who are holier than thou. People who think that knowing their religion through their knowledge of the scriptures puts them one step above others. They then start to preach, proud and boastful in their ways of addressing their words of the scriptures - challenging and mostly suppressing the wisdom of those who are not on par with them with regards to the knowledge of scriptures.

This Holy Week I have a few words for the Holier than Thou -

For even the lowliest of them is held with much reverence by the Lord
Never for a moment confuse righteousness as violating the laws of the Lord,
God made the world and all its splendor to be enjoyed and admired,
To walk in faith and in his word is to be good of heart, good of words and good of mind,
God has never judged you by your sins but by the glory of your actions.
Never undermine someone his faith, for faith talks the language of the Lord in him as a person
sometimes un-religiously and hence we have the atheist
Never give up the joys of this life as they are yours given by Him the most High
Learn to be happy for it is your right
Learn that there is no one below your mark - he might be greater in God's eyes
Everyone has a reason to be alive today - to see the world evolve and pro-create
God made the poor so that the rich may believe that they are blessed
God made the rich so that the poor may revel in their success no matter how unfair it may be
Everyone has been given an outline to live his life and only God knows what is in store for each one of us.

I believe that we should be able to someday say that we enjoyed the fruits of our labor with good faith and lived the good life - shobana

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