Monday, April 14, 2014

My Heart and Yours a Lovers' Claim

One step closer - Christina Perri

Our love just like a rose it blooms
Within the confines of a crowded room
The thorns they make love a cherished bubble some may say
Hard to reach without a heart that's pure

Why do angels sing of roses
Colored as they are
Pure white they sometimes mingle with green and create the charm
Of beauty

One step is all it takes to bring us an encore of pain that
love is most times, breaking hearts that run out of rhyme
One step closer is how I see us today my love
Unchained in illusions claimed real
Lost and surreal

Love in all its splendor
And cherished by sacred encounters
Kisses that match its solemn reign
Will one day gain
My heart and yours a lovers' claim.


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