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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Of Time Does A Calender Unfold A Man's Dream - shobana

It was mid summer once when I knew him
Polite and efficient he drew me in his arms
A quiet resilience followed him
A springed conquest his aim

Sprouting as the greens do or the blossoms of the flowers blue
He hailed  a great storm of hope
Of cherries and strawberries and clutter of growth
Of Spring his name arose

O Autumn of reign your arms bound me with craze
With winds so severe I crumble in your vein
My cloak bound me in blaze

Spring alights in clusters of growth
Once embraced it showers with beaut
Traces of autumn now denote
A longing for spring and springforth thy show

My summer embrace I think not in vain
For the lily fields are filled with your graceful gain
The heat of the sun, the rise of the tide
The glistening beauty of paradise

Winter now comes ahead of snow
Sprinkles of wafer that falls from above
I scream the winter of blings and daffodils
Of festive wonder I break the wind of hail

The four seasons I clutch each timing perfected 
Of time does a calender unfold a man's dream - shobana

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

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